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Assembly Language Tutorial.

Contents Of The Tutorial.

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Information Systems General Coordination.
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University of Guadalajara

28 November 1995
This is an introduction for people who want to program in assembler language.
Copyright (C) 1995, Hugo Perez Perez. Anyone may reproduce this document, in whole or in part, provided that: (1)
any copy or republication of the entire document must show University of Guadalajara as
the source, and must include this notice; and (2) any other use of this material must reference this manual and University
of Guadalajara, and the fact that the material is copyrighted by Hugo Perez and is used by permission.

                              Lesson 1. Basic Description Of A Computer System.

                              Lesson 2. Basic Concepts.

                              Lesson 3. Assembler Programming.

                              Lesson 4. Data Operation Instructions.

                              Lesson 5. Login And Arithematic Instructions.

                              Lesson 6. Process Control Instructions.

                              Lesson 7. Interruptions.

                              Lesson 8. File Managing.

                              Lesson 9. Macro And Procedures.

Directory and bibliography


Monico Brise-o C., Engineer
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Hugo Eduardo PŽrez P.
Development and Implementation
V'ctor Hugo Avila B.
English Translation

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Basic Assembler
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We need your opinion!

Our finality with this document is to take the knowledge to your
hands. To do this in a more efficient manner it is necessary to know
your opinion, suggestions and criticisms.

We would like it if you would send us your programs written in
assembler, in fountain code please, to show them in this space, as well
as to give you the recognition you deserve. Please try to include all your
info, name, address, profession, and your e-mail address if you have
one, and the version of assembler you use.

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