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   This section includes tutorials for the fans who like to teach themselves the great Programming Language C. It includes tutorials starting for the beginers and also for the people who have already learned C. The experties in C may create their own tutorials and submit on this site. We will display it in this section. This also includes some virus bug.gif (871 bytes)programming guides also antiviruses. I wish you to go through them.

                                                1. Beginners No.1 for C (View)

                                                2. Beginners No.1 for C++ (View)

                                                3. Virus Writing Guide (View)

                                                4. Assembly Language For Crackers (View)

                                                5. Assembly Language Tutorial (View)

                                                6. 8086 Assembly Tutorial (View)

                                                7. Writing Viruses In Basic, Pascal & Batch (View)

                                                8. Anti Virus Tricks (View)

                                                9. How To Write A Virus For A Macintosh (View)

                                               10. EXE Infections (View).

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